The CDSP Processor Family
Introductory overview

The CDSP is a family of high performance, customizable fixed-point DSP cores, featuring high execution speeds for both signal-processing algorithms and standard microprocessor applications. The CDSP family is meant to be used as an embedded cell in ASICs, it is highly customizable, and can be targeted at a large number of technologies thanks to its parameterized, HDL-only based design.

The CDSP-family processors can be optimized for most of the common DSP algorithms to obtain a highly efficient, low power and small area implementation. It is therefore most suitable for low-cost, high-volume applications.

A number of productivity tools have been developed to ease the elaboration/deploying of DSP applicaions on the CDSP platform: these include an Assembly Language Integrated Development Environment (aIDE) and a collection of standard DSP functions (CDSPLib). A K&R C Language Integrated Development Environment (cIDE) is currently under development.