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VoIP Project

The following job positions are now available (January 2004), related to a new project that will implement a complete VoIP solution as a stand-alone hardware device. The project will be carried out in a collaborative manner, where the team members are encouraged to interact and assist each other in developing the required solutions for the various project modules (this is especially true for the initial design phase during which the basic design solutions will be selected and a clear path to the final solution will be elaborated). However, the successful candidates will have the ability to independently identify and gather, from various sources, the information required to complete their part of the project. IT Group will provide the necessary funding for purchasing the various standards and/or required information that is not freely available and/or in the public domain.

DSP Software Engineers

There are two main DSP software modules to be designed: The two mandatory conditions for the successful candidates are: The following will be important advantages, but are not mandatory conditions for hiring:
Networking Software Engineer

The networking software of the VoIP project consists of two main modules that will (probably) be implemented based on existing public domain (or GPL-ed) modules, with specific adaptations and/or extensions as required for the VoIP project: The mandatory conditions for the successful candidate are:
Control Software Engineer

The control software module will be responsible for the user interface with the VoIP hardware device. The three main module components are: The mandatory conditions for the successful candidate are:
Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer with thorough knowledge of digital equipment design is required for the hardware implementation of the VoIP ensemble based on an FPGA platform. The implementation will be centered around three main objectives: The mandatory conditions for the successful candidate are: Familiarity with the Xilinx Spartan II FPGA family and development environment will be a plus, but not a pre-condition for hiring.

Contact us

If you believe you have the necessary skills for any of the above-listed positions, please contact us with your resume at Please send the resume only in plain text format or HTML; emails with any other type of attachments will be discarded. Feel free to describe your motivation when applying for the job (for example a specific salary requirement, the challenging aspects of the work, adding a complex project to your CV, etc).
Upon receipt of your resume we will send you a receipt acknowledgement email; if you do not receive the acknowledgement within three working days please re-send your application.
A second email will be sent to you within two weeks from the receipt of your application, to inform you about our evaluation of your resume. If we believe your skills are sufficiently well adapted to our specific needs for the current project, you will be invited to an informal meeting for further discussions. In any case, your resume and contact information will be preserved for potential future collaboration.

The candidates should be resident in Bucharest

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