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IT Group is a small startup company located in Bucharest, Romania, dealing with electronic integrated circuits, firmware, and software tools design.

We currently have a new contract with an Israeli Hi-Tech Company requiring us to design a complex IC family. We have four electronic engineer openings related to the design of the first member of this IC family.

The successful candidates will have:
A thorough knowledge of the field of synchronous digital circuits design,
Good programming skills using a high-level programming language,
A strong sense of responsibility and good team integration capabilities.

The following will be considered assets:
Two years or more of experience in the field of synchronous digital circuits design,
Experience in designing electronic integrated circuits,
Experience in using Strucured/OO programming languages such as C, C++, Pascal,
Knowledge of the VHDL hardware description language,
Sense of humor :) Hey, don't think all this is a joke though!

The current project involves designing in parallel a number of functional blocks as well as the integration of these blocks in the final stage of the project. This will enable transparent job-splitting and will also provide each engineer with well-defined tasks. The project splitting strategy will be based on the skills and preferences of the successful candidates.
The design will be entirely VHDL-based. Schematic entry is history. However, not being familiar with this language will not be a rejection reason all by itself. A good knowledge of both clean hardware design and structured programming methodologies will make assimilation of the VHDL a relatively easy task.

Advanced PC-based design and simulation tools (Viewlogic, Modelsim, Synplicity, Synopsys components) will be used throughout the project. Being familiar with the Windows 95 operating systems platform is thus a must.

The first stage of the project (that deals with the design of the first member of the IC family) is expected to take approximately 6 to 8 months. The contract will thus be on a minimum of 9 months.
The work schedule will be flexible, but without compromising an efficient team-work.
Salary will be paid on a monthly basis, and will be assisted by a bonification program.
Proven-good engineers will have the opportunity to continue working in the company after the first stage of the IC family design is completed.

If you are interested in our offer and would like to meet the challenge of being part of a growing company, please send your CV at:
You can also use the above email address to ask for further information that might interest you; however, you're kindly asked to be very specific about what you'd like to know, or else we will probably not be able to provide you with an answer.

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