Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) Sandbox - Help Page
  1. This is a CSS Example Code Generator.
  2. It is composed by three frames with the following functionalities:
  3. The HTML Code group lets the user write his own HTML tags that will be formatted later.
  4. With the Element to Format group the user can choose a HTML element that will format (the HTML element can be a TAG, a CLASS of tags, a element identified by ID, a PSEUDO-CLASS of tags, a PSEUDO-ELEMNT or combination of those).
  5. The rest of groups are the effective CSS generators.
  6. Almost all the titles on the left page (the blue words) are links to a help pages.
  7. The page title (CSS Generator) is link to the this help page that you are reading right now.
  8. For a better understanding of how the CSS sandbox works, I recomand you to read all the help pages first.