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A select list of customers, partners, and collaborators

Our friends in San Jose, California, Monolithic 3D, Inc.
Monolithic 3D is an R&D pioneer in developing viable technologies for monolithic 3D-ICs. Monolithic 3D's technology allows the fabrication of semiconductor devices with multiple tiers of copper-connected active devices utilizing conventional fab equipment.

GAO Research
We are included in the GAO Research partnership program.
GAO Research Inc. is a leading provider of embedded software solutions for Voice, Video, data and fax over IP, modem, fax, speech, telephony, modem relay, fax relay, fax, Voice and Video over DSL on various fixed and floating point DSPs and microprocessors. GAO is serving Industry leaders since 1992. Please visit the GAO Research website for more information.

Mobilygen, Inc
Our customer in Santa Clara, California, Mobilygen.
Mobilygen is focused on developing video compression chips for the low-power mobile devices market, as well as other multi-media components that will enable the next generation of communication devices.
Mobyligen is now part of Maxim IC.


Our CDSP customer in Cambridge, UK, Virata.
Virata incorporated a version of our customizable CDSP processor family into their line of single-chip ADSL modems.
Virata has been acquired by Conexant, which is now part of Synaptics.

eASIC Corporation
Our customers in San Jose, California, eASIC Corporation.
eASIC's patent portfolio allows it to be uniquely positioned in addressing the emerging Structured ASIC market. The company developed a set of technologies that addresses the limitations of both FPGAs and Standard Cell technologies, with the ultimate goal of providing "the best of both worlds": the low or zero NRE and fast turnaround advantages of FPGAs, and the performance and density close to those provided by Standard Cell.
eASIC has been acquired by Intel corporation

Advanced Semiconductor Technology
Our strategic partner during the period 1998 - 2000, AST-Israel.
We developed for AST, and/or its customers, a number of sophisticated IP cores, such as DSP, Encryption, Secure Data Processors, Network Traffic Shapers, and micro-programmable hardware components for VPN systems.

ASIC Art, ltd
Our friends in Iasi, Romania, ASIC Art, ltd.
ASIC Art (formely IsraTech) is an ASIC design house dealing with both front-end and back-end electronic engineering tasks. Via its various partnership and sponsorship programs with the Technical Univesity in Iasi, the company has access to a valuable pool of young talented engineering resources.

Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty, Bucharest
The Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty in Bucharest.
We maintain personal connections with a number of professors and teaching assistants in various faculty departments, thus being provided with a direct path to recruiting talented engineers that are well adapted to the specific projects that we get involved in.

Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry - ARIES
The Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry ARIES.
Via ARIES, Information Technology Group is linked to major electronic and software design companies in Romania, as well as to many international promotion programs.